Wednesday, April 13, 2011

San Salvador for Children: El Mundo Feliz

Today we took the munchkin to a play place called El Mundo Feliz.  "Happy World."  El Mundo Feliz is an indoor play place for kids, and it has something for children from preschool until young adolescence.  There's no charge to get in, but everything takes tokens.  We paid 25 cents per token, and with $8 dollars we spent about an hour there.  From a gluten free perspective, it's a disaster, with virtually no options for someone who can't consume gluten, but we weren't there to eat.  As a fun family place to take your kids, it was a hit.

The very gluten-filled cafe where one can have pizza.burgers/nachos/etc.

On the right hand side of the building are the video games/arcade portion.  Many of the games are imported from the United States and are in English.  Some are in Spanish.  Many of the games reminded me of the kind of games at a small town fair, where you fish for a treasure, or shoot at targets to win prizes.  Others were a bit different, like the air hockey tables.  Being a Tuesday afternoon, there weren't too many people there, but there was a healthy number of 13-15 year old kids playing the video games.

We stuck to the central and left hand side, which had a variety of preschool appropriate rides.  My son is obsessed by cars, so virtually everything he wanted to ride was a vehicle.  There were two areas with go-cart type cars, a small one where parents accompanied their children, and a larger one where older children could ride alone.

The smaller car area

The larger track

Note the "flower power" car from the blurry photo above.  My son rode in it three times, and refused all offers to change to a different vehicle.  Despite the angry look on his face, he was having a lot of fun.  He was upset that my husband insisted on helping him steer, because he wanted to do it himself.

Finally, there was a large section with the types of rides one finds in malls, the ones you put some change into and they move around on their stand for a few minutes.

Etienne in his Pink Panther police truck

His favourite ride however was a merry go round of cars.  The ride just went in circles, but it lasted about 5 minutes, and he refused to get up when it was over.

Mommy, on the "Car-go-round"

La Abuelita, in another vehicle, same ride

Whaddya mean I have to get out?

Overall, he had a lot of fun.  It's difficult to find places that have a lot of variety for someone as young as my son, and this place hit the mark.  For an older child of 7 or 8, who could stay and eat in the cafe, this place could provide a few hours' worth of fun.  We were there about an hour, and he left happy and tired.  Definitely a place I would recommend to anyone looking to spend some time like the locals, and entertain their kids at the same time.

Located on Blvd. de los Heroes.  Open 7 days a week. Check their website for more information.

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