Friday, April 22, 2011

Gluten and Dairy Free Good Friday Dinner

Tonight for dinner, my mom and my sister put together a great meal that everyone could enjoy. 

On the menu:
-oven baked cod with salt, pepper and dill, served with lemon and dairy free butter
-home-baked gluten free cornbread made with rice milk
-corn salad
-oven baked fries

For dessert:
-gluten and dairy free almond macaroons
-baked apples with melted chocolate and crumbled almonds

It was all so good I forgot to take a photo.  I won't forget to take pictures on Sunday! 

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  1. Thanks for following me at Our family is dairy/soy free, and we've been trying to switch to gluten free as well but it is SOOOO hard w/a soy allergy in the fam! We seem to be stuck on the breads and the cereals! I tried making my own bread but so far the recipes are BLEH. I found a good gluten free bread the kids like at the store but at $6 a loaf it's a killer!!