Friday, April 1, 2011

A busy April Fool's Day

I've never been particularly good at pulling off pranks, but happy April 1st anyway.  What was not a joke was my visit to my place of employment, to sign all the paperwork for my return to teaching in September.  I've been away since my son was born, but it was like walking back in after a week of holidays.  It's funny how things change, but still stay the same in many ways. 

I also had to run around today getting ready for our trip next week.  I'm trying to ensure that I have enough activities to keep a 2 year old happy for the trip.  The 3 hour wait before the flight, a five hour flight, 45 minute car ride to my in-laws...  It's going to be a long day!  On top of the activities, I'm also planning out the food plan for the day.  The airline doesn't offer gluten & dairy free options, so breakfast, lunch and snacks are on us.  I'll write a separate post about our toddler travel prep. in the days to come. 

Last week I posted my Friday Five of the five things I wanted to accomplish.  This Friday puts last Friday to shame.  Today I:

-signed papers at work
-got groceries for flight
-tried to put my toddler down for a nap for longer than I'd care to admit
-picked up new inserts for our sofas (my Aunt, from Bassett Furniture, noticed our sofa was a little saggy and ordered us new ones.  Thanks Auntie Sue!)
-purchased gifts for my in-laws and for new babies in the family, travel gear for my son, water globes for my plants, and a new carry-on
-bought some cute wedge sandals that are impractical but the first cute pair of shoes I've bought in two years
-bought a bathing suit
-picked up a sun dress and t-shirt
-got this post in before midnight!

And now my husband has decided that it's Lord of the Rings time, so although I can recite this film in my sleep....I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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