Monday, April 18, 2011

Back Home

Today's flight went pretty smoothly, although my son was obsessed with the tray on the back of the seat.  The wonderfully patient young women who endured his kicks for over 4 hours deserves praise.  I apologized for his kicking at the end of the flight and my son said "Sorry lady".  Other than trying in vain to get him to quit kicking whenever he got bored, things went fairly smoothly.  Again, there were no gluten free options for him on the Canjet flight, so we brought along grapes, strawberries, juice boxes, etc. to keep him satisfied and it worked out pretty well. 

If I had the choice, I think I will always opt for early morning flights rather than daytime ones, because he was revved up and refused to nap.  His little suitcase full of activities worked fairly well, although there's really only so long a two year old can play with any one thing.  I am relieved though to know that he takes well to flying, especially in his car seat.  He didn't want to be in it the whole time, but it kept him pretty well contained for the most part and it allowed him to see out the window properly. 

It's nice to be home again, but I'm already missing my in-laws in El Salvador.  I hate that my son can't see that side of his family the way he sees my side.  Here are some of the images that made the trip worth it:
My son with my husband and all of his brothers

Etienne with his great-grandparents

My son and his grandmother

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  1. The first line of your blog made me gf just went to Cabo w her baby and swore he opened and closed the seat tray 500x. Loudly.

    Found you on bloggy moms Ontario mommies!!