Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another day, another round of gluten free goodies

Just a quick post, that may come in after midnight Eastern Standard, but it's only 10pm where I am!  (This is important to me since I have a goal to post every day this year.

Tonight, we ate another gluten free feast:
-Grilled corn with lime
-Grilled red peppers
-Kebabs with vegetables and meat
-Grilled whole onions
-Tomato and onion salad
-Fruit Sorbet

I feel so blessed to be visiting a place where providing my son with delicious food that everyone at the table is sharing is so easy.  No one has cooked separate meals for him, because much of the food they eat regularly is just naturally gluten free. 

Also, I was checking products at the supermarket today, and while there weren't any that were labeled as being gluten free, I noticed two things:

1- Many of the snack foods that are eaten here are naturally gluten free, like plantain chips
2- Several packages specifically labeled gluten as an ingredient in bold letters, making it easy to identify, even for those who don't speak Spanish,  because the word is the same in both languages. 

Looking forward to the beach again tomorrow!

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