Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Things on a Friday

My trip to visit my in-laws in El Salvador is almost over.  On Monday we'll be heading for home, our two weeks in the sun behind us.  Reflecting on my trip, I wanted to post my 5 favourite memories of the trip so far:

1- My brother-in-law Juan's surprise arrival from Cancun last night, so he could meet my son for the first time.  Writing this post, I'm only just realizing that I still haven't taken a picture of the two of them together!

2- Family: My son has spent the last two weeks with a side of his family he rarely gets to see.  He has followed his three uncles around like crazy, played with his aunt, hung out with his grandparents and spent time with his great-grandparents as well.  Four generations together is a special thing indeed.  And being the only grandchild and great grandchild, he's been treated like a king.  Life will be different when we get home!

With his great-grandma

With his Tio Carlos

3- Watching my son discover the ocean for the first time, feeling the sand between his fingers and jumping with excitement every time the water washed over his feet.

4- The food!  Some of my favourite foods are found in abundance here- beans, avocados, plantains, salty cheeses, tropical fruit, and it has been so easy to find gluten free options for my son.  His health has been great since we've been here, and although there are few specialty gluten free products, most traditional foods are naturally gluten free. 

5- Taking Etienne to the Tin Marin kids museum:  This place is fantastic- it has something for children as young as preschool to as old as teenagers.  My son had fun playing in the pretend supermarket, filling up his cart with fruits and vegetables.  Then he checked out the butterfly sanctuary, the bubble room where he made giant bubbles, the pretend hospital, dentist office, bank, etc.  Some of the science exhibits were beyond him, but the hands-on exhibits made him very happy.
Etienne at one of the bubble tables

Outside of the gravity house

At the "supermarket"in the museum

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