Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Activities for Toddlers

My son is too young to really understand what Valentine's Day is all about, but they did make giant cards at daycare, and it got me thinking about some fun little activities that we could do together this weekend to celebrate.  I am not very gifted in the crafting department, but that doesn't mean I don't like to try!

These are some of my simple, quick, toddler friendly ideas:

1) Glitter hearts: Grab some card stock, cut out some hearts, glue, and glitter.  A glitter glue pen is probably simpler (and cleaner) for toddlers, and they can create designs with the pen.  For the more ambitious, cover the entire heart with glue using a craft glue brush, and then pour glitter over top and shake off excess when dry.  Punch a hole in the top, tie some pretty ribbon through and hang your hearts wherever you wish!

2) Homemade Valentine Cards: Some construction paper, crayons or pencil crayons and you're good to go. Some websites have free printable colouring pages as well, like this one

3) Snow Painting: If you're like me and there's a lot of snow on your lawn, mix up a bit of red food colouring with water in a spray bottle and try to get your little one to paint hearts or x's and o's in the snow.

4) Tissue paper art: Using construction paper or card stock, cut out various shapes (hearts, x' and o's, lips, flowers, etc.).  Cut pieces of pink, red or white tissue paper into small pieces and place in a bowl for your toddler. Put some glue on the paper and have your toddler glue the tissue paper on.  You can scrunch up the tissue paper first to have more texture. 

5) Love bugs: Collect some rocks (small enough to put in a pocket, but large enough for a toddler to work with) that are smooth and lie flat.  Using a permanent marker or some paint, write your child's name on the bottom.  Have your child colour, paint or glitter the rock.  Draw some eyes or glue some googly eyes and tell your child it's a love bug.  This is a cute little gift that could be made and given to siblings as well.

Just a few ways to take a very commercial holiday and make it more personal.  I personally hope to find some time to glitter this weekend!

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