Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tea with Friends and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I had the chance to get together with two of my girlfriends and check out a tea shop on Bloor Street in  Toronto, David's Tea.  The shop sells loose tea in any combination one can imagine, and I was impressed by the knowledge of the staff behind the counter.  The woman who served me was able to explain every ingredient of every tea and herbal tea I asked about, and opened up containers to let me have a look and smell the aroma before purchasing.  The store sells packages of loose tea, tea pots, tea balls, among other things.  One of the best items for sale is the reusable travel mug that has a tea ball within to brew tea, and a compartment in the bottom to store the loose tea in case you want a second cup on the road! 

The company ships in Canada, the United States and Internationally.  The website is very informative with descriptions of all their blends and the various properties of different varieties of tea.  I picked up some of the Greek Mountain Blend today because it reminded me of the homemade tea a Greek friend of mine would give me from her grandmother when we were exchange students together, but I already have a wish list of teas I want to try.

Additionally, my friend picked up a package of gluten free chocolate chip cookies from Farmhouse Biscuits, a UK-based company that offers a line of 4 types of gluten free cookies, Shortbread, Ginger, Chocolate Chip and Cheery & Almond.  The chocolate chip cookies came packaged in a pretty cylinder, and were enclosed in a sleeve so that they didn't break.  Unfortunately, they contained dairy, so I couldn't give them to my son, but they were very good and tasted even better dipped in my tea!

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