Thursday, February 17, 2011

Planning a Gluten and Dairy Free Birthday Party

My son turns two on Sunday, and this is the first year we'll be preparing for a gluten and dairy free party.  The party is mostly family, with just my son and his cousin as the two children.  Since it's in the afternoon, post-lunch and pre-dinner, we decided to go with a simple appetizer style menu that everyone can enjoy.

Here's our menu:

Artisanal Meat Platter: We ordered from Metro (Dominion in some areas).  We spoke with staff and they were very open to ensuring the safety of the tray for our son.  We read the ingredients on the different meats for the tray and approved the brands that were safe.  Black forest ham, roast beef, rosemary ham, Montreal smoked-meat and oven roast turkey.  The staff was helpful and accommodating of our requests. We've ordered from them before, and were happy with the quality and service.  We'll pair it with a few varieties of gluten free crackers instead of bread.  My son refers to any sliced meat as "sandwich", so as long as there's some available, he'll be satisfied.

Grilled Vegetable Platter:  This we ordered from Longo's, because it doesn't come with any cheese.  Again, the service was great, and we were able to check out all the ingredients before agreeing to the order.  The platter has marinated mushrooms, eggplant, roasted red peppers, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and asparagus.  It will pair nicely with the meat and has enough variety to keep everyone happy!

Salad: We'll put our own together and pick up a gluten free dressing.

Snacks: plain potato chips, GF pretzels, GF candy

Fruit Platter

Gluten and Dairy Free Cake:  We have been looking for a suitable cake for a while now, and I was pleased to discover that there are actually several bakeries that could accommodate us.  We eventually settled on a cake from a bakery that we came across by accident on our way to another place, Terra Mia Bakery.  Unfortunately they don't yet have a website.  The sign outside advertised gluten free cookies and cakes, and we went in.  We settled on a 10 inch, double chocolate cake, with dairy free whipped cream and sugar icing.  My mouth is watering already.  I hope it tastes as good as it sounds!  The bakery bakes their own line of gluten free cookies, which are delicious.  The baker and the owner came out to discuss our needs, and went over all of the ingredients and options with us.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. Smart move ordering a cake! Last year I tried to bake a gluten/dairy free cake and it was a nightmare! This year? I'm totally buying!