Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Gluten Free Valentine

I've been searching some gluten free treats for my son for Valentine's day, and I must admit it's been trying.  It's more complicated since he's also dairy free.  I've done some digging, and pulled up a small list of companies offering gluten free options that are not expensive specialty products or only available to a local market.

NOTE: For a full list of ingredients, and to find out if the products contain dairy or other allergens, please click on the company name to be taken to their website. 

Looking for Gluten Free treats for your valentine?  Here are some sweet ideas to get you started!

Necco: The Valentine's Conversation Hearts remind me of childhood, and are listed as being gluten free. For a full list of GF products click on their website.

Jelly Belly: Their FAQ states that all of their beans are gluten free.  Click on the link in the company name to see their statement. 

Skittles: Sour, Wild Berry and Crazy Cores are listed as gluten free.

Tootsie Roll Industries: States that all Tootsies products except for Andes cookies are gluten free. (peanut and other nut product free too!)  This means Tootsie Rolls, Charms blow pops, DOTS, Junior Mints, Nik-L-Nip and others.  Many products are also listed as Kosher.

Prefer to whip up some gluten free brownies, cupcakes or a cake to share with the family?  Try some of these mixes:

Bob's Red Mill: This is generally my go to because we are dairy free as well.  Many of the gluten free mixes are also dairy free.  The brownie mix is our favourite.  Some of the best tasting brownies ever, GF or not.  They also have cake mixes and gift baskets of gluten free products, including a Gluten Free starter's kit.

Kinnikinnick: They have angel food cake, chocolate and white cake mixes.

Betty Crocker: cookie, cake and brownie mixes.  Haven't seen them in my grocery store yet, so I'm not sure where to get the gluten free mixes in Canada.  The product locator didn't come up with anything for me either. 

Glutino: a variety of brownie and cake mixes.

There are also companies that offer gluten free gift baskets specifically for Valentine's day. A few online companies that I found:

Gluten Smart: This is an online store selling all kinds of GF products, including Valentine's day gift baskets. Not a specific Valentine's basket, but a few generic GF ones that I'm sure could look very festive with the right card..

Well Baskets: Gift baskets customizable by a variety of factors, including gluten and dairy free.

Valentine's Day can be just as yummy without gluten, and kids don't have to feel left out.  I'm going to put together a small heart shaped gift box full of gluten free candies for my son, with a card and a few inexpensive toys (a pencil, window tickers, stamps) to surprise him on Valentine's Day.  Some heart shaped GF pancakes, followed by some heart shaped brownies after dinner and I think he'll enjoy his day as much as anyone.

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  1. Thanks for the list of candies! I've been knocking myself out trying to add to the (extremely short) list of "safe" candies, and I didn't know about Tootsie before.