Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting ready to potty train

My son will be two this month, so we're getting ready to begin potty training.  He had shown some general interest a few months ago, but then he was so sick for so long that we just abandoned the project for a while.  But next week he will be switching to three days a week at daycare (because I'm almost finished the first draft of my thesis! Yay!), so he'll be home Thursday through Sunday and I want to take advantage of that stretch to begin toilet training. 

He LOVES his underwear, and runs around telling us whenever he's ready to go, but still isn't too certain about actually using the toilet.  We have this awesome toilet seat that has a toddler seat built in, so that's what we're going with instead of a portable toddler potty.  What I need now are some tips and techniques for potty success. 

Any suggestions?

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