Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Goals Update

At the beginning of the year, I set some goals for myself to work towards this year.  I vowed to update my progress at the end of each month to help keep me motivated.  This month there have been some successes, and some things that I need to work harder at going forward.

First, the successes!  I have kept up with the blog dare challenge and posted every day.  Some days have been more challenging than others to find something to write about, but it has helped me branch out and expand my comfort zone.  I managed to get out and meet up with some friends, and gathered the family together for my son's birthday party.  As for date night, my husband and I managed to sneak in a restaurant dinner while shopping for my son's gift (not exactly a date night, but the closest we could manage this month!).  I'm still plodding along on my thesis, and hope to have the first draft completed soon.  My goal for this blog was to have 40 followers by the end of February, and I'm at 38, so I'm happy!

There's still much room for improvement though.  Let's not discuss the weight loss, except to say that I'm still committed and need to up the exercise if I hope to reach my goals.  We still haven't put together any photo albums or hung any new photos around the house, so that's a priority going forward.  And hopefully my husband and I can find time to have a real date night soon!  Both of our birthdays are in March, so that provides a good excuse to see friends and family again.  Maybe finish that thesis draft?  And another 20 followers would be lovely as well!

Time to get cracking on those goals!  I'll keep you posted...

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  1. Hey, trying to get my blog followers up as well, I'm following you from Bloggy Moms and would love for you to return the favor, thanks!