Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Menu Plan

Although my son still eats some of what the daycare provides when it's gluten free, I pretty much supply the bulk of his meals.  I've decided in January to try out preparing the meals for the week on Sunday, and trying to rearrange our dinner menu around some of the ingredients to make life simpler for myself.  Here's how I tried to work it out for this week!

Daycare Lunch Menu (Each day the lunch is accompanied by vegetables and fruit.  He eats what the daycare provides as I've ensured that they are prepared carefully and without any forbidden ingredients.  The following is what I prepare at home to avoid cross- contamination.  The lunch plan is the daycare's menu for the week.)
Monday: Hamburger and Fries
Tuesday: Chicken fingers and roast potatoes (I'm using turkey breast instead because I have it on hand)
Wednesday: Chicken (turkey) souvlaki with rice
Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs
Friday: Soup with bagel and cheese.  I'm making quinoa and vegetable soup and adding rice cakes and hummus instead of the bagel and cheese.

I love that I can use the same large turkey breast for both meals and that the same package of ground beef works for two lunches and one dinner as well.  Here's how our dinner menu will break down as a result:

 Dinner Menu
Monday: leftover lentil soup from New Year's eve with oven baked turkey breast and salad
Tuesday: Stir fried rice and vegetables, with any leftover turkey chopped and added in.
Wednesday: Hot hamburger sandwiches on toasted gluten free bread and mixed vegetables
Thursday: Quinoa and vegetable soup
Friday: Spaghetti and salad

The Basics:
1 large package of ground beef, or 2 1lb. packages
1-2 turkey breasts (they were on sale post-Christmas.  I buy and then freeze them wrapped individually)
3 potatoes
1 package of spaghetti and 1 jar of sauce
1 1/2 cups quinoa
1 box vegetable broth
1 package frozen vegetables
2 cups rice
1 lettuce, 1 cucumber and 1 tomato, with oil and vinegar dressing
1 loaf gluten free bread (we always have some frozen, sliced)
1 can GF gravy
Obviously some additional ingredients are necessary, but these constitute the majority of the ingredients.  A much smaller list than I'm used to seeing when I meal plan.  Maybe this coordination thing is worth my time!

**The ingredients from the leftover soup are not included, but the recipe can be found here

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