Friday, January 14, 2011

I think I need to loosen up....

So I'm new at this whole blogging thing, and I really started blogging as a way to connect with other people. I love browsing for ideas on all sorts of things, and reading about how others handle the ups and downs of their lives, both personally and professionally.  I took the plunge into blogging to look fo support from others coping with gluten issues and their lives, and to offer any advice that I could as I got more experienced with the topic.  I also wanted to blog about my work, my experiences, my life.... but for some reason I kept limiting myself as to what I would post.  I felt as though my posts should all be related to gluten/celiac, and as a result kept refusing to write about things that I felt like writing about. 

I've decided that I need to loosen up. 

The bulk of this blog will definitely be dedicated to gluten free living because that's what I always intended it to be, but I'm going to give myself a break and lose the rigidity that I've been trying to maintain for some unknown reason.  I'm toying with the idea of beginning another blog to discuss my writing, my research, and my other adventures, but I'm not ready for that yet.  Right now I'm just excited to be blogging at all, to be meeting new and interesting people, and to be learning the ins and outs of the blogging world.  Like how to make my links open up in new windows, for example.  But that's a post for another day. 

I know why this has been challenging for me.  It's the rule loving teacher in me who's afraid to let my creativity loose.  It's the fear that I may not actually have as much creativity to let loose as I think I do.  Whatever.  My favourite blogs to read are the ones where I learn about the person behind the blog, behind the information that I'm seeking or the resource that they're offering.  So I will put myself out there and share my life, gluten issues or no gluten issues, the way that I want to.

I'm grateful that I signed up to the blog dare, so that I've been compelled to write every day, because without it, I think I would have been content to limit myself to only posting occasionally and to keeping an overly narrow focus to the blog.  I love a challenge though, and posting every day has already been much more challenging that I would have ever expected.  But with my new open approach to blogging, the rest of January at least should be a breeze! 


  1. Good luck with "loosening up". It's all about blogging the way you want to. I know for me that I go through dry spells and I'm off doing other things and I don't post at all. But I always come back. I'm hoping the blog dare challenge will keep me around regularly.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm hoping that the blog dare keeps me focused as well.