Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homemade Corn Tortillas with all the fixings

Last night my husband and I went over to a friend's place to participate in an experiment:  make corn tortillas from scratch.  Soaking and grinding the corn, making the dough, pressing and cooking the tortillas.  Very labor intensive stuff, but a lot of fun.  After a few mishaps (note to self:  corn must be DRY before putting through the grinder), we figured it out and pumped out at least a hundred tortillas to serve the guests that were due to arrive at seven.

The meal was not intended to be gluten free; our son was being babysat by my parents, and we were free to eat what we wanted.  I realized later however, that it was indeed a gluten free feast!

Corn tortillas
Refried beans
Ground pork and seasonings
Grilled fish
Tomato, onion and cilantro salad
Shredded lettuce
Bean salad with grilled corn and green onion

The food was filling and delicious, and no one even missed the gluten.  We couldn't have had a better gluten free party if we'd tried!  I think next time though, I'll make the tortillas from pre-ground corn.  Although I have to say it was quite fun to work from scratch.  Definitely something everyone should try at least once. 

Of course we forgot to take photos, or I'd post them here.


  1. Sounds super yummy. Wow, making them from scratch! What an undertaking. The most 'homemade' I get is to heat the tortillas in the microwave or [gasp] on the stove. :) Stopping by via the Blog Dare.

  2. It was actually a friend of my husband's idea to make them from scratch, so we offered to help. VERY time consuming! I will never take a tortilla for granted again. Thanks for the comment, I'll be checking out your blog too!