Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

Trying to find something different to feed my son every morning can be difficult, so here's a simple go-to list of breakfast basic that are delicious for the whole family. 

***Updated September 2013

1- Eggs: scrambled, fried, boiled.  Add some bacon or sausage, fruit or GF toast. Need some recipes? Try one of these 5 Egg Breakfast Ideas. 

2- Smoothies: a little water or milk, fresh or frozen fruit and some honey. Try a Strawberry-Banana Breakfast Smoothie, or one of these Three Smoothie Recipes

3- Rice Cereal, Quinoa Cereal, or Oatmeal (if you can have oats): I add some raisins, brown sugar and soy milk.  If oats are an option, a gluten free granola can be made in advance and eaten all week. Try my recipe for Gluten Free Cranberry Walnut Granola.

4- Gluten Free Pancakes or Waffles: Frozen, from a mix, or from scratch, with some fresh fruit. Pancakes can be made in advance, frozen, and popped in the toaster for a quick morning meal. My recipe for Homemade Pancakes is simple.

5- Fruit salad: with GF granola or a boiled egg

6- GF cereal bar: for those mornings on the run and some fruit or a smoothie

7- GF Cereal: with dairy-free milk. Chex, Rice Krispies, and other popular brands are now available gluten free.

8- Yogurt parfait: Layer yogurt, fruit, nuts, seeds or grains and drizzle with some honey or agave for a touch of sweetness.

9- GF toast: with sun butter, peanut butter, etc., as a side or on its own. My son likes toasted corn tortillas, which are cheaper and have fewer ingredients. Tortillas are easy to make at home, freeze well, and can be popped in the toaster. Try my simple Recipe for Corn Tortillas.

10- Breakfast burrito or Eggs with Beans: Scramble some eggs with whatever veggies you like and wrap it all up in a tortilla. Or, try a typical Latin American breakfast with eggs, beans, avocado, cheese, and thicker, soft corn tortillas.

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  1. Some more;

    Avocado and cream cheese
    Greek yogurt (no sugar) with banana or berries
    Salmon with cream cheese or scrambled egg