Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gluten Free Gift Giving

I'm not yet all that comfortable creating gluten free baked goods from scratch, but now that we're gluten free, I wanted the Christmas cookies that I planned to bake as gifts for my son's daycare providers and our neighbours  to be GF as well.  So I whipped up a batch of gluten free cookies from a mix and packaged them with some coffee in lovely gift boxes and I must say, they looked much fancier than I could have hoped.  My goal for next year is to bake them from scratch!


  1. Hi! I found your blog via bloggy moms. My son is about to have tests for lactose intolerance, dairy intolerance and gluten intolerance. He has bad reactions to cheese, yogurt, parsnips, cake etc. He has reflux too and is a real pain to feed! Its lovely to hear that your LO is so much happier now, I'm hoping we will get some answers soon too. Also hoping the runny nappies will disappear...

  2. Hi,
    I just got your comment on my post. It's a tricky thing to diagnose kids at this age. Mine never had reflux, but he was on a lactose free formula and he's always struggled with rashes and diarrhea. My doctor told me that the biggest issue with gluten intolerance testing/ celiac biopsy is that being so young, the tests are not always reliable. Especially if you haven't been feeding your son any products with gluten for a while.

    We decided to wait until he's older for the biopsy, so we have him on a gluten free and a dairy free diet. We tried to make his diet as straightforward as possible, with lots of fruits (vegetables are a little trickier!), beans and grains.

    I was worried about him not getting his dietary needs met, so I bought a book called the Gluten Free Diet because it's written by a dietitian and has charts showing how much of each nutrient children need at different ages and how much common foods offer. I highlighted the stuff we eat regularly or the stuff that I thought he would like and then I basically keep a running tally each day to make sure that he's getting his proper nutrition. It's a little tedious at first but after a while you start to just know how much iron/fibre/folate etc. a certain item contains. I'm sure you can find the same info somewhere on line. I might actually create a checklist style template one of these days.

    It does get better. His diarrhea only reappears now if he's been accidentally cross contaminated with something. He's still really prone to colds and has a runny nose that won't quit, but his mood is much improved and his refusal to eat has reversed itself and now he eats most foods without complaint. I'll post to your blog as well, and I'll follow your journey.

    My biggest piece of advice to you going forward is to trust your instincts and look for a doctor who believes you when you say that something's wrong. Our family doctor is fantastic for that, but the times when we've seen someone else for whatever reason have often left me frustrated and angry (one doctor suggested his rash was bedbugs....another told me his two months of diarrhea were due to a cold..grrrr). You know your kid, so find someone who is willing to keep looking until you figure out what works for him.