Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Traditions

December has truly flown by this year, with all of the medical appointments, days home sick with my son, working on my thesis, cooking gluten free Christmas goodies, gift shopping.......oh, and remembering to give thanks that I'm healthy and blessed enough to have a life so full of people and activities that mean so much to me.  I sometimes get so caught up in my own petty issues that I forget how lucky I am.
My little bonhomme!

The night before Christmas Eve, my husband and I started talking about which family traditions we want to create for our son.  My husband and I were raised in different countries, and the traditions around Christmas are very different.  His experience was to keep vigil on the night of the 24th, with festivities culminating at midnight.  Growing up, my husband remembers fireworks being lit in the streets as a way of rejoicing in the spirit of Christmas.  This idea is foreign to me, although I am looking forward to experiencing it with his family one day.
My Christmas flowers. 

For me, the 24th was when we went to mass, ate a meal that for some reason that no one could ever explain satisfactorily to me could not contain meat, watched A Christmas Carol or some other holiday classic with my cousins, and then went to bed before midnight to wake up early on Christmas morning.  Our large celebration was held on the 25th.  Since my family lives in Canada and my husband's family doesn't, we want to make sure that some of my husband's traditions are kept even though his family is far away.  We still haven't quite decided which ones to include, particularly since keeping our toddler up to midnight just to get him back up early the next day is not exactly a recipe for success.
The place settings for the children, our Beatrix Potter plates from childhood

Last year was our son's first Christmas, so he was largely oblivious to the whole thing, and this year he was so sick leading up to Christmas that we barely had time to prepare properly before it arrived.  Next year though, he'll be old enough to start remembering how we spent the holidays as a family, and I want to make sure that it includes something special, with meaning, that we can recreate each year as our special family tradition.  Something that can grow with him, and include any potential future siblings.  Perhaps it will have to do with food, or a craft, or volunteering our time during the holiday season.  I'm open to suggestions.

I'd better get on it, there's less than a year 'till Christmas!

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